Krishoker Eid Ananda goes to Chalan Bil

Krishoker Eid Ananda goes to Chalan Bil


Culture Desk
In this Eid, Krishoker Eid Ananda will take viewers to the Chalanbil area in North-West Bengal. According to agricultural personality Shykh Seraj the area is immersed with dynamic agricultural activities that reflect multidimensional aspects of culture in the region.

Thus the upcoming Krishoker Eid Ananda will depict various different angles of village-culture and a medley about how farmers in these villages conduct their everyday activities. Like always for this Eid newer games and stories have also been incorporated into the show.
Shykh Seraj has planned, directed, moderated the show as always. It will be aired on the second day of Eid at 4pm on Channel i.


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