10 organising hacks for every working woman

10 organising hacks for every working woman


Whether it’s your personal closet, kitchen countertop or your office cubicle that needs a good decluttering, these organising hacks will make your life a lot more easier.

  1. An old CD rack/holder can serve as a letter slash note organiser on your work desk. All you need to do is use some sticky labels to categorise those notes in order and you’re good to go.
  2. Who isn’t tired of getting their TV cords tangled up with their multi plugs and laptop chargers? Put your cords in toilet paper rolls and brighten them up with a touch of decorative tapes.
  3. Bobby pins are notoriously mischievous. Even if you own hundreds of them, they all mysterious disappear when you’re running late for work and need to put your hair up in a messy do. Here’s when Tic-Tac boxes come into play. Don’t throw them away, use them to store your bobby pins.
  4. We can never get enough of those bold, glossy nail enamels but always keeping them organised and aligned on your dressing table can be a drag. Get hold of an old glass jar and stack these little bottles away. You can try it with your lipsticks too. Looks classy and saves time.
  5. A girl can never have too many shoes, or shades for that matter. And saving your sunglasses in their respective boxes can take up a lot of space, and sometimes time. Fret not, just fasten a metallic wire on the inside door of your closet and hang those shades up. Alternatively, you could hang them by a regular hanger for efficient storage.

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  1. Own too many jewellery? No issues, get an ice cube tray and place the little trinkets neatly in order.

Ice cube trays can also double up as an eye shadow pan holder.

If you have a lot of small clutches, pouches and wallets scattered around, pile them up in a larger handbag without having their shapes compromised.

  1. Instead of piling your your tops and shirts in the closet drawer, roll them up–this saves space and keeps wrinkles at bay.
  2. Magazine holders can be used to hold foil paper rolls, boxed cookies and other kitchen supplies.
  3. No matter how neatly organised our house looks, the drawers are an entirely different story. Get to your nearest RFL store and grab hold of a few plastic boxes in different shapes. Whether it’s your bed room closet drawer, or your kitchen cabinet drawer that secretly hides a mess, place these boxes in and organise your make-up items, pens, scissors, kitchen utensils, etc, in order. They work as highly paid drawer diving agents, reports internet.


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