10,000 Police will be on duty of tomorrow's Hartal

10,000 Police will be on duty of tomorrow’s Hartal


Around 10,000 members of Dhaka Metropolitan police (DMP) will be on duty across the capital to ensure smooth activities of the city dwellers during Jamaat’s sponsored countrywide dawn-t-dusk hartal on Wednesday.Besides, 14 platoons of Border Guard Bangladesh has been patrolling in the capital from 6:00 pm on Tuesday, several hours ahead of the hartat that begin from 6:00 am on Wednesday.

Jamaat-e-Islami on Tuesday called the dawn-to-dusk hartal for Wednesday (March 9) protesting the Supreme Court judgment that upheld the death penalty of condemned war criminal Mir Quasem Ali.

The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning upheld the death penalty of Mir Quasem Ali for his crimes against humanity during the Liberation War.

Contacted, Deputy Commissioner (Media) of DMP Md Marif Hossain Sarder said adequate numbers of uniform police alongside plainclothes police will be deployed from 5:00 on early Wednesday to avert any unpleasant incident in the city.

Besides, plainclothes men carrying still and video cameras will be stand by in different strategic city points to identify the trouble makers during the hartal hours, the DC (Media) added.

Sources at the BGB headquarters said 14 platoons of BGB men have already started patrolling the city from 6:00 pm on Tuesday to strengthen security patrolling alongside other law enforcement agencies. They will continue patrolling till 6:00 am on Wednesday.


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