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1st Arabic gay magazine causes public furor in Middle East


Dhaka – A gay magazine is being circulated in Amman which is hailed by progressives but shunned by conservatives in war-torn Middle East societies, UNB news agency has reported quoting Gay Star News.
The editors of the magazine ‘My Kali’, including lead founder Khalid Abdel-Hadi is now facing potential lawsuits and death threats for ‘promotion of homosexuality’.Although this magazine was published in Arabic for the first time in its May/June issue, it has been circulating for the last nine years in English, albeit in closed circles.
While giving an interview to a Lebanese online portal, Abdel-Hadi said that when he had started the magazine, he was trying to not be noticed in Jordanian society for fear a backlash, when asked why he kept it in English for so long.
“The change came after so many gay people, who can only read Arabic, wanted us to do an Arabic edition. We wanted to start spreading awareness on these issues.” He said.
The article went viral in the Arab-speaking world, with numerous commenters reacting angrily – the backlash Abdel-Hadi feared.
Many news outlets have questioned why the magazine is ‘provoking the public’ and suggested the magazine is not an officially registered title. Many reported it was printed, which is untrue.
Others accused the magazine of holding a ‘foreign agenda’ and is ‘funded by the West to implement homosexuality’ among people living in the Middle East.
The Media Commission of Jordan released a statement to state ‘My Kali’ is not registered and, if proven to be printed, a lawsuit will follow.


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