25 fishermen jailed in Bhola for catching hilsa defying ban

25 fishermen jailed in Bhola for catching hilsa defying ban


Members of Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) in separate drives arrested 25 fishermen in Bhola district early Friday for catching mother hilsa defying a government ban.

They also seized 4,000 metres of contraband current net and 12 kg hilsa during the drives. Later, the fishermen were jailed for different terms.The 22-day ban on catching, selling, hoarding and transporting hilsa across 7,000 square kms of coastal, estuarial and riverine areas began on October 7 to ensure safe spawning of hilsa. The ban will continue till October 28.

Sources at the BCG headquarters said three separate operational teams from BCG Base Bhola conducted drives at Ilishghat, Tulatuli, Bheduria, Bhelumia, Hazirhat and adjoining areas and arrested 14 fishermen.The arrested fishermen were sentenced to different jail terms when they were produced before a mobile court.

In another drive, members of BCG Lalmohon outpost arrested 11 fishermen when they were catching hilsa illegally, said an official of the Coast Guard.They were also produced before a mobile court which awarded them different jail terms.

source: UNB


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