3 'ISI support agents' nabbed in Kolkata

3 ‘ISI support agents’ nabbed in Kolkata


Kolkata police have arrested three persons in the Kolkata port area on charges of providing support to agents of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.The arrests in Kolkata’s Garden Reach area follow the arrest of a top ISI spy in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Friday.Central intelligence officials say that the three arrested on Sunday had sheltered the top ISI spy Mohammed Ejaz alias Mohammed Kamal in 2013.Kolkata police special task force officials said they arrested Mohammad Ashfaque, the Trinamool leader and general secretary of the Harimohan Ghosh college students union, and his father and uncle, Mohammad Irshad and Mohammad Jahangir.These three had sheltered Ejaz when he reached Kolkata in 2013 from Bangladesh, after which he married a girl from Bihar and settled down as a videographer in UP, which turned out to be a cover for spying.Irshad worked as a ‘contract labour’ in the Garden Reach Shipbuilding Yard, one of the top ship-building yards in India.

Ejaz had reached Dhaka in January 2013 and then arrived in Kolkata by boat through the riverine porous border in the Sundarbans.A Bangladesh national, referred to as ‘Probin’ by Ejaz during interrogation, helped the Pakistani national reach Kolkata by boat.Kolkata Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha said the three arrested on Sunday were linked to a racket that circulated fake Indian currency which Pakistan’s ISI is known to peddle into India in huge quantities.Bangladesh was the usual conduit for the fake currency operations but after the Awami League came to power, Bangladesh agencies have heavily cracked down on these rackets.

Containers full of fake currency were recently seized in Chittagong port.Kolkata police officials said they had also carried out raids in the port area looking for the killer of Japanese national Kunio Hoshi, who was murdered in Rangpur on Oct 3.”Bangladesh agencies have given us some leads to this killer, but we cannot disclose his details. We are trying to find him,” one Kolkata police mentioned.


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