50 Faridpur villages reel under flood; 35,000 marooned | Greenwatch Dhaka | The leading online daily of Bangladesh

50 Faridpur villages reel under flood; 35,000 marooned


Dhaka – Around 50 villages of the char (shoal emerged from the riverbed) areas in three upazilas in Faridpur  have been flooded due to onrush of water from the upstream and incessant rainfall, leaving at least 35,000 people marooned.Jahirul Islam, deputy-assistant engineer of Water Development Board of the district, said the water of the mighty Padma River has been flowing over 53cms of the danger level ,UNB news agency reported.Besides, hundreds of families of the char areas lost their houses and lands as the erosion on the banks of the Madhumati and Arial Khan rivers took serious turn, Jahirul added.A large area of Aush paddy fields and huge saplings and seed-beds went under water due to the flooding.Flood affected people are experiencing scarcity of pure drinking water as the sources of drinking water were damaged by the flood.Most of the roads of the affected areas were submerged in the flood water, snapping the vehicular communication with the district headquarters.


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