500 telephones inoperative in Benapole for 2 yrs

500 telephones inoperative in Benapole for 2 yrs


Some 500 digital telephone lines of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) in Benapole remain out of order for the last two years due to digging of drains and construction of footpaths along a two kilometre area of the municipality.

As a result, telephone users of the banks, insurance companies, customs houses, Border Guard Bangladesh and C&F agents often have to see many of their works disturbed.

Although the lines lie out of order, the subscribers are often handed ghost telephone bills.

Due to the disorder of the telephone connections, export- import businesses here have to face serious disruption.

Impediments have been created in telecommunications with Dhaka, Jessore, Khulna and rest of the country hampering trade and commerce largely.

A difference of opinion has also been created between BTCL and municipal authorities in restoring the telephone connections.

In the first phase of construction of drains of the municipality, labourers of the contracting farm cut off 367 lines.

Telephone lines of Sonali Bank, customs, port, BGB and many other institutions were snapped.

No initiative has been taken to restore the snapped lines in the two years.

Benapole Sonali Bank branch manager said they were facing difficulties in doing banking activities due to the disrupted telephone lines.

It causes impediment to realising revenue. Freedom fighter Masiur Rahman said his three telephone lines were cut off.

As a result, he cannot do his business smoothly and maintain social contact.

Elderly businessman Moin Udiin said he could not use his telephone for a single day but he has to pay Tk92 telephone bill unnecessarily.

It is alleged that Sharsha BTCL deputy assistant engineer (telephones) Asaduzzaman Asad is giving telephone connections to many customers in exchange of a good amount of money.

With his help, linemen are selling government wires.

Benapole municipality councillor  Mizanur Rahman said the municipality is constructing drains and footpaths for the public interest and for this a few lines might be cut off.

But the T&T authorities are not taking steps to repair the lines.

Deputy assistant engineer (telephones) Asaduzzaman Asad said there are 2,000 digital telephone lines in Sharsha upazila.

In Benapole, 371 telephone lines out of 700 remain out of order for two years.

Due to fresh digging works, 500 lines of different institutions have been snapped.



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