6 Things not to do when you have a cold

6 Things not to do when you have a cold


Common colds are common, as if the name itself didn’t make it clear enough. Colds are easy to catch, but they are downright frustrating and sickening. Symptoms may include sneezing, mild fever, dry throat, cough, sore throat, hoarse voice etc. The thing about colds is that you don’t fully feel sick, but the point is that you are. Colds interfere in your work, disturb your diet, and of-course redden that nose of yours. It is important to deal with colds as soon as possible so as to keep them at bay already. And, if however, you do eventually end up catching a cold, there are a couple of things you should and should not be doing. Here we list 6 things that you should avoid doing, if you’re suffering from cold.

Act As If You’re Not Sick

A big mistake people commit when they’re suffering from a cold is that they try to ignore it, but unfortunately, this tactic does not work. One simply can’t lie to his body. The point here is that if you have a cold, it means that you’re sick and you need that extra energy and the additional rest. Take off form work, if you need rest, and also see a doctor if need be.

Lack of Sleep

When having a cold, you need to get enough sound sleep. It’s as simple as that. The significance of a good rest in helping you recover from sickness can’t be undermined.

Don’t Stress Out

In short term, stress can raise your chances of catching a cold.

In long run, higher levels of stress hormones may hinder proper functioning of your immunity system, eventually increasing your sick days.

Less of Drinks

More in-take of fluids, when suffering from a cold helps you recover better and faster. Fluids help thin your mucus, and therefore help you get better sooner. Prefer taking hot liquids as such soups, tea, hot milk etc.


Since it makes you dehydrated, damages your immune system, and reacts with your medications, alcohol could simply be a bad choice, during colds.


Smoking, by damaging your lung cells, simply makes you more prone to catching colds. And, in case you’re having a cold already, smoking could just worsen it, reports internet.


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