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7 ways to avoid heart attacks


We don’t want heart attacks to knock anyone’s door and we know how it can be done. Here are eight ways in which heart attacks can be avoidedA mere mention of heart attack is daunting to us. Heart attacks come unwelcomed but they don’t come out of nowhere. They occur mainly because of unhealthy eating habits, stress and excessive cholesterol. But, the good news is that they can be avoided, given that we eat well, sleep well, and overall, live well. We don’t want heart attacks to knock anyone’s door and we know how it can be done. Here are eight ways in which heart attack can be avoided:
Eat Well
Always have a healthy and balanced meal rich in nutrients. Avoid eating too much of fats, carbohydrates, refined sugars and red meats. Instead, stick to veggies and fruits, so as to knock off the risk for heart attacks.
Regular Exercise
Moderate exercise on a regular basis could prove to be a boon in preventing all heart related problems in the long run. Regular exercise improves your blood circulation, lowers down cholesterol levels and helps you avoid obesity, therefore helping your heart stay young and healthy all the time.
Say No To Stress
Stress is one of the major causes for heart attacks and other heart diseases. Thus, you need to take a chill-pill and get rid of stress. Performing stress-relieving activities as such meditation, breathing exercises, listening to calming music, enjoying natural beauty, going for walks etc. can help you eliminate stress from your life and thus, keep your heart healthy and safe.
Good Sleep
So as to stay away from heart attacks, you need to get sufficient sound sleep on a daily basis. Irregular and insufficient sleeping may adversely impact your blood circulation and become a cause for heart attacks.
Kick off Obesity
Those extra pounds don’t just look bad on you, they put you on risks for heart attacks. So, get rid of obesity and always maintain a healthy weight and an appropriate BMI.
Quit Smoking and Alcohol
Throw away those cigarette packs and those whiskey bottles now. Smoking tobacco and consumption of alcohol raises your chances of getting a heart attack.
Go out, meet new people. Talk to your friends and family more often. It relieves you of stress, and improves your mood. It is believed that people with a good social-life are at lesser risk of a heart attack than their less social counterparts. – Source by ndtv


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