83 women victims of rape in July, of them 15 gang raped | Greenwatch Dhaka | The leading online daily of Bangladesh

83 women victims of rape in July, of them 15 gang raped


A total of 368 women were subjected to  different  sexual harassments ,   83 of them  were raped , 15 were  gang raped and 9 were raped and  killed and 19  came under  attempted rape across the country in July.
This was stated in a compilation of news reports by the legal aid sub-committee of the Bangladesh Mohila Parishad (BMP) released to press yesterday.
Of these tormented women 10 were subjected to sexual harassments and one was subjected to sexual assault.The BMP compiled the report from news reports published in 14 newspapers which also showed that during July 62 women and children were killed,41 women were subjected to tortures for dowry and 19 of them were murdered and another four were splashed with acid receiving burn injuries. Seven women  became victims of Fatwa.
At least six women were kidnapped and four women and children were trafficked and two of them were sold to brothels.
In July four domestic workers were subjected to tortures and two of them were murdered. Sexually harassed were 24.One of them was forced to kill herself.
Besides 26 women omitted suicides under duress because of different harassments and 9 died in mysterious circumstances.
At least three girls were subjected to child marriage. Two women were subjected to police tortures and 30 were subjected to tortures. – Staff Reporter


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