Wrong doers in peacekeeping operations won't be spared: PM

Wrong doers in peacekeeping operations won’t be spared: PM


Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday directed the Bangladesh Armed Forces to uphold their reputation in the UN peacekeeping missions.
“We are still a leading peacekeeper contributor of the UN peacekeeping missions … we won’t tolerate any kind of indulgence from our peacekeepers that taints the goodwill of our armed forces,” she said.

“We want that the reputation of our armed forces be retained … we want who wherever are working would perform their responsibilities by maintaining dignity. We don’t want that the name and fame of the armed forces be ‘questionable’,” she added.
The PM said this while addressing the graduation ceremony of Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) course 2015-16 at Mirpur Cantonment on Thursday morning.
Describing the armed forces as a “symbol” of the country’s independence and sovereignty, the premier also asked the members of the armed forces to be “constantly ready” for making any sacrifice for safeguarding independence and sovereignty.
“You will have to always keep yourselves prepare to face any kind of challenge and give leadership …. you will have to finish your work with self confidence and to be always ready for making any sacrifice for protecting independence and sovereignty,” she said.
“In the absence of Bangabandhu, we have to follow the path of prosperity showed by him to achieve economic emancipation. For that our armed forces have to be ready to face any kind of challenge with farsightedness in the battle of financial liberty,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said they have stood beside the people even risking their lives while tackling “manmade disasters” like Tazrin Fashion and Rana Plaza incidents.
“They are showing their capability of observing special development activities and massive infrastructure construction … our armed forces act as aides of civil administration in different purposes including maintaining law and order situation,” the PM said.
Not only in the country, she said, the members of the armed forces have also earned name and fame in foreign countries through their honesty, dedication and professional efficiencies.
The premier said Bangladesh armed forces are contributing significantly to restoration of democracy, social development, health and education in different countries under the emblem of UN missions.
“Their success has further brightened the image of Bangladesh,” she said.
As per UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon, she said, Bangladesh is now holding the leading role of delivering UN peacekeepers at ongoing peacekeeping missions in various countries. “Bangladesh is considered as the top peacekeepers contributing country.”
Sheikh Hasina said at present 8,501 Bangladeshi peacekeepers have been working in 11 missions of the world out of 16 ongoing UN peacekeeping missions.
Earlier, the PM gave away the certificates among the graduating officers.
In the 2015-16 DSCSC Course, a total of 268 officers including 158 officers from Bangladesh Army, 23 officers from Navy and 20 officers from Air Force have successfully been graduated from the college – UNB


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