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State Department report on HR only Partially true: Inu


Dhaka – Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, MP, said today that the US State Department’s recent report on Bangladesh was only partly true. The minister said this at a press conference at the Press Information Department (PID) today.
Inu appreciated certain observations in the report but refuted many contentions, too. Describing the current relationship between the two countries as friendly, he said that Bangladesh’s democracy was open for all except the militants and terrorists.
He said that the report also appreciated the democratic and pluralistic nature of the country and that many countries and organizations, many of which were of American origin, had appreciated the contribution of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for it.
Regarding comments about press freedom made in the report, he said that the pressmen would be the best judge about it.
Referring to comments made in the report about government interference in NGO activities, he said that it would be very unfortunate if accountability was mistaken for interference. He also cited the country’s NGO sector for its contribution to Bangladesh’s development and also for their role in the global arena. In a reference to the report’s comments about the law and order forces being “above accountability” he said, “It was on the record that at least eight hundred legal suits are pending against RAB personnel, alone.”
The minister also said that there was always room for improvement in all countries including the US as was evidenced by the promises made by the candidates in the US presidential election primaries. “We, too, are in the process of improvement and we are sure the State Department will understand it, “he said.
The minister also asked for a review of the report with adequate information.


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