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Expectations of Mayors and Councillors


City dwellers long awaited swearing in of Mayors and councilors of three city corporations in Dhaka and Chittagong will be held on Wednesday morning.

Annisul Huq, Sayeed Khokon and AJM Nasir have been declared as elected mayors of DNCC, DSCC and CCC respectively by publishing gazettes. Besides, 131 general councillors and 45 female councilors from reserved seats of the three city corporations have been declared officially elected. All of them tried hard to win this election. They have made huge campaigns in their areas and made lots of promises to the people. We are eagerly waiting with hopes and expectations from our mayors and councilors. Especially for the Dhaka city which is becoming the worst place to live day by day. Nobody can move outside freely as the roads are blocked, dug with lots of wholes, for snatchers, malam party, road clogging on rainy days and so on. Nobody can sit inside freely because of mosquitos, scarcity of water supply etc.
We hope that our newly elected mayors and councilors will pay attention to diagnose our problems and will take initiatives to solve them as they promised before election. Although this election was not a party centric election but all the elected members from this election were influenced and got support from political parties and all the elected members are from the present Government. So it will be easier for them to work more spontaneously for the people. If they can make their promises to come true, they will be remembered as the successful Guardian in their areas people’s mind .Otherwise, their names will remain only in papers but not in public’s mind.


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