Abdul Aziz publicises alleged affair with Mahiya Mahi

Abdul Aziz publicises alleged affair with Mahiya Mahi


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Abdul Aziz, the chairman of Jaaz Multimedia, recently shared a post on Facebook on Mother’s Day which somehow, bizarrely, ended up triggering widespread gossip over his alleged relationship with actress Mahiya Mahi.

In the post, Aziz expressed gratitude to his mother on Mother’s Day and reflected on different experiences in connection to the lady. He wrote down the experiences in 13 points and surprisingly number 13 reads: “I was having quite a profound affair with Mahi at that time. One day Mahi asked me, ‘If your mother asks you to call off this relationship, what would you do?’ I replied, ‘If my mother asks me to leave you, I will not ask her anything in return. I’ll simply break up with you. But please be assured that she would never ask me to do something like this.’ And she never did in reality.”

The post stirred up curiosity on Facebook. A number of comments appeared following the post about the legitimacy of Aziz’z relationship with Mahi despite being married and a father to two kids.

“Number 13 is one hell of a confession! I understand that you fell in love with Mahi. But why is Mahi is being entangled in a scandal now? When did you have the affair? After getting married to bhabi [sister-in-law]? If that is the case, you should be sacked from the production house! It is objectionable to deprive an actress over personal issues,” one of the comments read.

Another one read: “Seriously? You said it publicly? You have guts! ‘Btw,’ you are married and a father of two girls. Now you are trying to destroy Mahi’s future because she rejected you. However, Mahi has won the hearts of Bengalis. You may not be able to harm her.”

On the contrary, in some comments, Aziz was praised for the post. One of them read, “I have seen many people in my life but haven’t seen anyone with such courage to speak the truth. Saluting you from heart!”

After being bombarded with the views and questions, the producer wrote another post where he asserted: “My siblings, wife and children, all are added with me on Facebook. If my wife is okay with my post, what’s the big deal with you guys?”

His post also said: “Many ask me how could I speak the truth without any hesitation? My reply to them: I speak what is true, I speak it from heart, I say what I believe and I say it to myself.”

“Everything must have a document. Since now I am working in the media, who knows, may be after 100 years, my writings might be helpful for research. I have written these for those future researchers,” he added.


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