Students should be aware of adverse impact of climate change

Students should be aware of adverse impact of climate change


Referring to the adverse impact of climate change in the region discussants at a participatory meeting mentioned there should have adequate measures of boosting level of knowledge of the students on the issue.

They viewed school, college and university level students need proper knowledge about the importance of biodiversity, natural resource conservation and climate change issues so that they can contribute to this field.To this end, there should be time-befitting measures and institutional learning for them as there is no way but to natural resource conservation for the greater interests of new and future generation.

The observations came at a view-sharing meeting styled “Adequate Fund to Face Adverse Impact of Climate Change: Transparency, Accountability and Peoples-participation needed for effective uses” held at seminar room of Committee of Conscious Citizens (CCC).

CCC, an inspired organization of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), organized the meeting on yesterday(Monday) in observance of the World Environment Day-2016. Number of teachers in Geography, Zoology, Botany and Chemistry from various public and private colleges joined the meeting.

With CCC President Prof Abdus Salam in the chair, vice-president Munira Rahman Mithi, Member Akbarul Hassan Millat, Prof Ziaur Rahman from Rajshahi College, Associate Professor Mahbub-E Khoda from Department of Geography at New Govt Degree College, Prof Asaduzzaman from Court Degree College and TIB Area Manager Mahmud Ali spoke on the occasion.

During her keynote presentation, TIB Programme Manager (Promoting

Transparency in Climate Finance Governance) Mahua Rouf said the ongoing climate change at alarming rates has severely affected every sector including agriculture and its diversity creating a real threat to food production.

To face the odd situation, Bangladesh Climate Change Resilient Fund (BCCRF) and Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) should be more effective so that the vulnerable people can derive total benefits of the funds and there is no alternative to it.

She said instead of indiscriminate using of groundwater, water reservoirs for irrigation purposes has become an urgent need for boosting agricultural productions for ensuring food security in the wake of adverse impacts of climate changes.

She pointed out that the existing agricultural system has started facing a serious threat because of climate change that also leads to various natural disasters.

The keynote presenter also urged the developed countries to provide the due grants to the BCCRF as per their commitments.

Considering the reality and prospects of mobilising funds from government and other external sources, institutional mechanisms for fund management should be further developed based on the experiences gained during this period, otherwise, all these costly efforts might be washed out.

there are activities leading to pollution of the forest.

Speaking criticised the authorities for their indifferent attitude to encroachment and pollution activities, reports BSS, Rajshahi.


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