AL involved in killings, abductions, not BNP: Khaleda

AL involved in killings, abductions, not BNP: Khaleda


Claiming that it is the ruling party, not BNP, is involved in the growing incidents of abduction, secret killing and forced disappearance, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday urged all to rally round under her party’s umbrella to wage a strong street movement to stop the heinous acts.

“Now it’s clear that ruling party men are involved in the abductions and killings. I call upon all the citizens, including professionals, civil society members and political parties to take to the streets with BNP to restore democracy, save the country and stop killings, forced disappearances and abductions,” she told a mass-hunger strike programme on the National Press Club premises.

Khaleda also warned the government that they will be compelled to take harsher programmes if it does not quit and stop the widespread extrajudicial killings and abductions even after their peaceful programmes like rallies, human chains and hunger strikes.

The former prime minister alleged that the entire country, including Narayanganj, has now become a death valley as the government has no control over the ruling party ‘cadres’ and law enforcers.

Referring to the killings of seven people after their abduction in Narayanganj, Khaleda said, “Where is Nur Hossain, he is a criminal, people want to see him in jail. Why had there been a raid on his home seven days after the abduction of so many people.”

Charging the ruling party men with the all incidents of forced disappearance and abduction, the BNP chairperson said though the incidents of abduction and the forced disappearance took place in almost all districts but no one has so far been arrested and brought to justice as all those involved in the acts belong to Awami League.

“The flood of blood will keep on flowing as long as this illegal government will remain in power.”

She urged people to put up a strong resistance against this ‘killer regime’ wiping out their eyes.

Mentioning that all the people of the country are on one side and Awami League and its partner Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on the other, the BNP chief said Ershad is the killer of Abul Mozur and Ziaur Rahman.

“Ershad is a killer and he must be tried. Why the judgement of Ershad in Mozur murder case has been deferred. Had it be done to keep him with you?” she asked the government.

Criticising Hasina for making a killer like Ershad her special envoy, Khaleda said no good people but all killers are with the current regime.

Demanding a fresh election under a neutral administration, Khaleda Zia said, “They must announce a fresh election. Forget the dream of hanging onto power for five years. The current regime is illegal …it’s not the representative of people, as it is not elected by people. You’ve already done a huge damage to the country and taken it much backward. Don’t harm the country anymore.”

As part of the countrywide eight-hour programme, the mass-hunger strike was observed from 9:15am to 6pm on the Press Club premises to register its protest against the government’s repressive acts and ‘growing incidents’ of extrajudicial killing and abduction.

The programme was also held in all upazilas, district towns and divisional cities simultaneously. – UNB


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