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AL leader damages Fish-farm for grabbing


Rajshahi – A Pisciculture farm has been allegedly damaged by a local Awami League Leader in Rajshahi on Wednesday night.The accused is Ward AL President Saiful Islam of Gopalpur area under the Durgapur upazila of the district.
It has been informed that, Yeaqub Ali has been consuming a pond under a lease contract with the upazila administration for 15 to 20 years and Abdul Gafur was the care taker of it.
Abdul Kader alleged that, for the purpose of grabbing the pond illegally Saiful with his activists spoiled the farm with poising the pond’s water and Fishes worth of 5 lack taka were killed that made a huge losses.
Government would be deprived of tax of the land if it would be possessed by political leaders. The possessor of the land also has his ownership in the land partially, he added.
Saiful Islam was found in-available in his phone. A case accusing Saiful and his accomplishes was filed with Durgapur Thana on Thursday. – RU Correspondent


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