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AL to go to polls alone if BNP doesn’t: Nasim


Reiterating that the ruling party is ready to concede defeat if people do not vote for it, Awami League presidium member Mohammad Nasim on
Saturday said they will go to polls alone if the main opposition BNP does not.   “We’ll accept defeat if people don’t vote Awami League to power. If you (BNP) don’t take part in the polls, Awami League will move ahead alone,” he said.   Nasim, also a former home minister, said this while addressing a discussion organised by Awami Juba League at Mahanagar Natya Mancha, marking the 67th birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.   “Place your proposal with regard to the interim government in parliament. If you (BNP) don’t take part in the polls, we alone will take part in it along with people,” he said.   Nasim said the next polls will be held as per the constitution and no one
will be able to resist it. If BNP, Jamaat and Hefajat take out 5,000 people on the streets to thwart the polls, Awami League will resist
them with 50,000 party activists.   Juba League general secretary Harun-or-Rashid, among others, spoke at the programme held with its
chairman Omar Faruk Chowdhury in the chair. – UNB


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