'All glass' new iPhone!

‘All glass’ new iPhone!


Rumour has it Apple will completely redesign the iPhone. Out will go the ranges’ famed aluminum chassis and in its place will be the return of an all-glass enclosure. This will also be complemented by new cutting edge curved OLED display.
Apple will reportedly abandon its ‘tick/tock’ external redesign / internal upgrade pattern for iPhone launches. Consequently the iPhone 7 will look largely like the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S and it will be an ‘iPhone 8’ in 2017 where Apple will pull out all the stops.
Of course this wouldn’t be the first time Apple has used glass. The company enjoyed mixed success with the material in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Cracked backs plagued these stylish phones.
Glass would also be ideal for wireless charging and boosting antenna reception.


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