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An open letter to the Honourable PM


It is really good that a student can get admitted to a government or private medical college with just attending a single admission test though there are a few problems like question leakage of admission test. This good initiative has been taken under this government and there are many more.But the system is not there in case of admission to engineering and other the public and private universities. Students face a lot of trouble, mental, physical and financial stress as a result.
Not very long ago, our Honourable president urged combined admission test for all the universities.
A student can get admitted to a subject in colleges under National university without giving any admission test. Moreover, a student can take admission to HSC after passing SSC without attending any admission test. Students thus can enjoy their time after appearing at SSC examination.
On the other hand, a student just after completing his HSC examination has to engage in coaching centres. This is really a torture on them mental, social and physical and the guardians have to pay the exorbitant charges for the coaching centres and their conveyance.
We would like to draw the attention of our Honourable PM Sheikh Hasina to free the students from attending coaching centres and relieve the guardian of mental, physical and financial tortures by introducing a system like medical college admission.
Mawduda Hasnin


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