Apple iPhone 7 catches fire, explodes in transit

Apple iPhone 7 catches fire, explodes in transit


It’s a season of exploding devices. Apple Inc. shipped one iPhone 7 Plus that exploded even before it could reach the owner. This incident reminds all of us of the problem that Samsung’s new Note 7 has been facing. The iPhone buyer – a Reddit user with the name ‘kroopthesnoop’ – posted pictures of the broken back of the iPhone 7 Plus.
The pictures of Apple Inc. suggest that the phone caught on fire and then exploded apart, burning the packaging. The images are spreading like wildfire online. This has left people concerned that the problem affecting Samsung’s Note 7 is affecting Apple’s newest smartphone as well.

“Something happened between the factory and delivery,” the user said. This way he tried to indicate that the problem with the device occurred on its journey, and not after it was put to use once. The type of batteries used in the iPhone and other handsets are almost always safe, but they can be potentially dangerous if punctured. Puncturing the device could lead to an explosion, or set it on fire and this affected rest of the phone with it as well, notes Independent.
“The phone did appear to be dented and damaged beyond the kind of issues that would be caused by heat,” says Independent. It also suggests that the iPhone is not being hit by the problems that are of same level as the exploding Note 7. Samsung had to necessitate a global recall of the Note 7 that has been a disaster for the company.
No official report has been released on what led to the explosion as yet, and hence, the speculation above should be taken with a pinch of salt. A Reddit user added that an Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) executive contacted the owner of the exploded iPhone 7 Plus, and assured him that the company – working with carrier AT&T – will expedite a replacement phone.
“The Apple AE called coworker (about an hour later)! AE will work with AT&T to expedite a replacement phone. Don’t know what the timeline for “expedited” is with AT&T, but I will update again when the new phone arrives,” the user said. -Reddit


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