Argentine leader becomes godmother for gay couple's child

Argentine leader becomes godmother for gay couple’s child


Argentina’s leader, Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner, has become godmother to the child of a lesbian couple who was baptised in a Catholic church.
Umma Azul, just over two months old, was baptised in the city of Cordoba. One of the couple was quoted as saying that they selected President Kirchner as godmother to thank her for supporting gay rights.The president legalised same-sex marriage despite opposition from Argentina’s Catholic hierarchy.
Officially, the Church remains firmly opposed to gay marriage. However, some within the Church have argued for easing this stance. Pope Francis, himself from Argentina, says all children may be baptised. Since becoming pope, he has been associated with a more tolerant approach to homosexuality. However, as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he had opposed the legalisation of gay marriage. Ms Fernandez did not attend the ceremony in Cordoba, sending a representative instead. – BBC News


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