Arnob returns with Ondho Sohor

Arnob returns with Ondho Sohor


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Versatile musician Shayan Chowdhury Arnob is all set to make his comeback with a brand new album. Titled Ondho Sohor, the album will be the eighth solo venture for the Vishwa Bharati alumni, who has been among the pioneers of the Bengali music scene of the country for the last decade.

Arnob revealed the news on Facebook recently. Attached with a preview video, the singer posted: “Previews of a few songs from my new album Ondho Sohor. There are 17 tracks, (along with) two karaoke tracks for you to sing along to. Enjoy these previews (for now), more (are) coming.”

The fusion rock singer and composer is yet to reveal the exact date for the release, but has confirmed that the album will be available on the Yonder Music App.

The eclectic singer, who previously formed the band “Bangla” in Vishwa- Bharati alongside Sahana Bajpaie, Buno and Anusheh Anadil, released his first solo album Chaina Bhabish back in 2005. He then went on to work with Prayer Hall and collaborated with artists like Sahana Bajpaie, Srabonti Narmeen Ali, Saad, the MAK, Zohad, Andrew, Idris Rahman, Fariha Kamal and Rajib Ashraf. Arnob’s fusion renditions of Rabindrasangeet, folk songs and pop ballads have been widely appreciated by fans.


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