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Artificial limb camp in Dhaka May 20


Jaipur. The world’s leading organisation for the handicapped and the makers of the world famous Jaipur Foot, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) will hold a camp in Dhaka for 20 days to provide on- the-spot artificial limb fitments to the disabled of Bangladesh. This camp will begin in Dhaka’s National Institute of Traumatology Rehabilitation and Orthopedics (NITRO) from May 4 and would continue till May 24.
According to D R Mehta, the founder and chief patron of BMVSS, the BMVSS is a purely secular,non-religious,non-governmental,non-political,non-sectarian,non-regional institution for helping the physically challenged particularly the financially weak and under-privileged.Mehta. said the Jaipur Foot has its foot prints in 27 countries like Mahayanist,Philippines,Pakistan,Indonesia,Nigeria,Somalia and many other countries in Asia and Africa.It has provided fitments and other aids and appliances to over 1.4 million persons all over the world. The Jaipur Foot is fitted to the disabled free of charge.
The Jaipur Foot is a high technology artificial limb which has been acclaimed all over the world for its usefulness and utility.The Jaipur Foot enables amputee to walk, run,trek,swim,squat,sit across cross-legged,walk on uneven terrains, work in wet muddy fields eyc.With it a below knee amputee can climb a tree or a mountain also.It can be used with or without shoes. Jaipur Foot is a ” Universal foot’.It distinguishes from other sophisticated and expensive western prosthetic foot such as ” SACH Foot”, which neither permits any of these activities nor is energy storing prosthetic foot which is activity specific.
” The mission of the BMVSS is to provide limbs,calipers and other aids and appliances to as many of such disabled as possible through its outreach programme and rehabilitation schemes”, said Mehta.
Mehta said several years ago the BMVSS conducted a camp in Dhaka where 1000 persons were provided artificial limbs by the BMVSS.
Mehta said largely at the initiative of social worker Sadia Moyeen, the BMVSS will be holding a camp in association with NITOR and an experienced team of 14 artisans would go Dhaka for conducting the fitment camp.
The team to Bangaldesh will be led by Prakash Bhandari, the Media Adviser of Jaipur Foot and a veteran journalist.
Mehta urged the disabled persons of Bangladesh to avail the benefit of the free fitments and has also urged the various social organisations to send the disabled persons to the camp venue at NITOR.


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