Ashura 'Tajia' procession brought out amid tight security

Ashura ‘Tajia’ procession brought out amid tight security


Dhaka – Members of Shia community took out a ‘Tajia’ procession from Hosni Dalan in the old part of the city on the occasion of holy Ashura on Wednesday morning amid tight security measures taken by the law enforcement agencies, UNB new agency reported.
The traditional procession with participation of over 5000 people was brought out from Hosni Dalan premises around 10:30am, said Mobarak Hossain, a participant of the procession.Later, the procession paraded different streets in the city, including Nilkhet intersection, and was proceeding towards Pilkhana till filing this report at 12:50pm.
They were seen carrying flags and banners commemorating the Karbala tragedy in which Hazrat Imam Hossain ® embraced martyrdom 1377 years back.
Apart from the main procession, Shia community people also brought out several other Tajia processions in different parts of the city.
On this day in the Hijri year of 61, Hazrat Imam, grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), along with his family members and 72 followers embraced martyrdom in the hands of soldiers of Yazid at Karbala desert for the supremacy of justice and righteousness.
A three-tier security measures was taken around Imambara Hoseni Dalan to ensure smooth observance of Ashura. Close circuit cameras were set up in some major points as part of security measures.
Besides, security will be provided in those places in the city where the Shia community will gather to celebrate the day.
Police banned carrying of lethal weapons like knife, sword and other sharp weapons during Tajia procession.
Besides, police banned Tajia processions during night in the capital.
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Mia at a meeting on the law and order on holy Ashura at the DMP headquarters on October 2 said the Tajia processions of the Shia community during Ashura has to complete within a specific time in the capital.
He said the Tajia processions must be end on the designated routes within a specific timeframe in the capital. “The procession of a particular area can’t enter another place,” he said adding that no firecrackers will be allowed to explode during Ashura.
Asaduzzaman said everyone will be allowed to enter Hoseni Dalan, Karbala and Bibika Rawja only after security screening through hand metal detectors and archways on Ashura.
At least two persons were killed and over 150 people injured in bomb explosions in front of Hoseni Dalan before the beginning of the Tajia procession on October 23, last year.


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