ATM defends 'Sense of Humor' from Sani

ATM defends ‘Sense of Humor’ from Sani


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Senior actor ATM Shamsuzzaman has defended Shahriar Nazim Joy’s popular celebrity roasting show ‘Sense of Humor’ after Dhallywood actor and producer Omar Sani criticized it for being disrespectful.
Shamsuzzaman defended the show by appearing in one of its episode where he commented that Sani didn’t even understand the meaning of the show. Joy shared the video response on Youtube.
Omar Sani criticized Shahriar Nazim Joy’s show through a Facebook status he posted on December 4. He commented that Joy should respect his seniors as an artist.
Later, Joy responded to Sani’s criticism by asking him to come on the show to discuss through a video posted on his YouTube channel. On December 10, Sani posted further criticism of Joy’s antics on “Sense of Humour” in the form of five questions on Facebook.
The five questions were:
1.    Joy called Moushumi his sister. Then how could he say that ‘if Omar Sani didn’t marry you, I would have’? Did he show any respect to his sister by asking that question? What sort of manner is that?
2.    He asked actor Shabnoor why her child’s face is similar to Riaz’s? Is that decent to ask such question to a senior?
3.    He asked Mahiya Mahi whether she is currently living together with film producer Jaaz. Does ‘Sense of Humor’ mean bringing up personal relationship on a TV show?
4.    He asked Meher Afroz Shaon whether she can marry him in the absence of her late husband Humayun Ahmed. What kind of question is that? Does a gentleman talk like this in front of the camera?
5.    He asked politician Shamim Osman whether he wants to take Moushumi on a long drive. From where did Moushumi come here? She is not active in any sort of politics then why bring her in all this?

“Sense of Humor” is a popular satire celebrity-roasting show hosted by Joy that airs on ATN Bangla. It regularly features celebrity guests from the Bangladeshi film and television industry. Previously, the show had created massive buzz by roasting celebrities such as Meher Afroz Shaon, Apu Biswas, Bidya Sinha Mim, Nusrat Fariya and many more.


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