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Austrian claims property Barrister Moudud evicted from


Dhaka – An Austrian citizen has claimed the heir of the property from which BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed has recently been evicted.Karim Franz Solaiman, who claimed himself only child of Maria Inge Flatz, made the claim at a press conference at Jatiya Pres Club.
Solaiman said he submitted an application to the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) on June 19 to get back the ownership and possession of the property at Rajuk plot no. 6, Block NW(H) of 159, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka.
“As Mrs Inge Maria Flatz’s only child and lawful heir, as per the Laws of Bangladesh, I am the legal owner of the property and therefore I am entitled to mutate his name at RAJUK and at the relevant AC Land office to enjoy the exclusive ownership and possession of the same,” he said.
He said that he had also made a mutation application to the Deputy Director, (Estate & Land -1), RAJUK.
Solaiman said the Government has constantly been safeguarding his interests and hoped that they would continue to extend the cooperation to him in this regard.
The first step of goodwill and good, fair and transparent intentions of the government and RAJUK will be evidenced the day the mutation is successfully recorded in my name.
“This is why I urge the officials at RAJUK to ensure that my mutation application is not left aside and forgotten by any bureaucratic red tape, especially since they are also the people who conducted the eviction drive very speedily,” he added.
He said in a very recent judgment by the Appellate Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court chaired by the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, the title and ownership of my mother was solidified and further established, which led the Government of Bangladesh and Rajuk to carry out the eviction drive of Barrister Moudud Ahmed from the Property.
Solaiman’s lawful attorney of Barrister Jennifer Ashraf also claimed that Solaiman is the only child and lawful heir of the Mrs Inge Maria Flatz and Mohammad Ehsan alias M Ehsan, whose ownership and title to the property has already been established by the verdict of the Supreme Court.
She said Mrs Inge Maria Flatz, an Austrian citizen, became the owner of the land and the building thereon at Plot No. N(W)H, Block-6, 159 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan -2, Dhaka by virtue of a lease deed dated 14.09.1965 executed by erstwhile Dhaka Improvement Trust (DIT), now Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha (“RAJUK”) of Government of Bangladesh in her favour.
Jennifer Ashraf said after the liberation war of 1971, the said property became “abandoned property” under the ruling of Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Control, Management and disposal) Order, 1972 (“P.O. 16 of 1972”) and vested in the Government.
“Thereafter Mrs Inge Flatz applied to the Government of Bangladesh for release of the same on the plea that it was wrongly vested as abandoned property. The Government then divested the said property by executing a Registered Sale Deed in favour of Mrs. Inge Flatz on 21.06.1980 and accordingly, she restored her title and possession of the property,” she added.
Solaiman’s another lawyer Barrister Tamim Rahman, was also present at the press conference. – Staff Reporter


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