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B Chy and Dr Kamal for bringing Burmese arsonists to justice
Dr. Kamal Badruddoza Chowdhury

B Chy and Dr Kamal for bringing Burmese arsonists to justice

Dhaka – Prof Dr Badruddoza Chowdhury and Dr Kamal Hossain, the two veteran politicians, have called for taking immediate measure to create world opinion and hold a meeting with Myanmar to send back the Rohingya refugees immediately.“Myanmar has to take back Rohingya people, who took shelter in Bangladesh, without any delay and they have to rehabilitate them in their own homes with due status in line with the Kafi Anan report under the supervision of United Nations,” said the leaders in a joint statement.
Prof Chowdhury, president of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh and Dr Kamal, president of Gana Forum, demanded immediately stop the atrocities on Rohingya people in Rakhaine state in Myanmar forcing them to flee to Bangladesh.
The two leaders also demanded bringing the terrorists groups and Myanmar army involved in setting fire on Rohingyas’ homes from village to village in Rakhaine killing them, carrying gout repression in women and children to justice.
The statement of the two leaders followed by their call from a joint rally in the city on September 21 to countrymen irrespective of parties, opinion and class to get united to resolve the Rohingya crises from the perspective of violation of human rights.
Prof Chowdhury, who is a former President and Dr Kamal, also an eminent jurist, called the states including Russia, China and India who are respectful to the human rights to come forward to resolve the crises.
They called upon the Myanmar authority to deeply realize the deepness of the crises taking it into consideration that Bangladesh wants to maintain a good relation with them in the light of historical point of view.
The two leaders put emphasized the need to stop repetition of such kind of undesirable and inhuman problems and strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries further.
“Thus, it is important to continue economic, cultural, social and political understanding between the two countries. The two countries should immediately sit on across the table,” they said. – Staff Reporter