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Bachelor tenants are passing their days with fear


Bangladesh Mess Organisation (BMO) on Saturday expressed their concern as a section of landlords have asked their bachelor tenants, both students and low income people, to vacate their lodgings immediately.It also expressed its concern over the notice found hanging on some houses that are otherwise to let, stating that bachelors need not apply.
In a statement, BMO secretary general Aiyatullah Akhter and its president Habibur Rahman Monit, said they express deep concern over the recent incidents of militant attacks in the capital. At the same times, it welcomes the initiatives taken by police to prevent criminals and their unlawful activities from sheltering in messes.
Established in 1995 to increase security of messes as well as study atmosphere for the students, BMO urged the house owners to give rent to mess members after confirming their identities.
It also urged the government to show sympathy so that all mess-dwellers are not painted with the same brush or face unnecessary harassment for crimes committed by a few elemements.
Meanwhile, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) denied the allegation that it instructed landlords not to rent-out their properties to bachelors.
“We gave no such instruction to any landlord,” Deputy Commissioner (Media) of DMP told UNB when his attention was drawn to the matter of bachelors being turned away from renting properties.
The landlords of the capital have been requested to submit information about tenants- both families and bachelors – to their local police station by filling up a printed form distributed by police, the DC media added.


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