Ban ki-moon for safe, secure environ for polls campaigning

Ban ki-moon for safe, secure environ for polls campaigning


Un secretary general Ban ki-moon has underlined the need for secure and safe environment for campaigning only though which transparent, inclusive and credible electios are possible.

This was sated by Moon’s spokeman Stéphane Dujarric in the daily noon briefing at the Un headquarters on Wednesday. The remark followed queries made following attack on Bnp chief Begum Khaleda Zia’s motorcade in Dhaka on the day which was the fourth in a series.The spokesman said that they were aware of the reported attack on chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party Begum Khaleda and that responsible authorities were inquiring into the icidents.

Transcript of Ban ki-moon’s spokesman Stéphane Dujarric’s statement pulished on the Un website under the headline ‘Bangladesh’ read as follows:

‘A couple of questions to follow up on:  I was asked a number of times about Bangladesh and reported attacks on the motorcade of the leader of the National Party, Khaleda Zia.  We are aware that the responsible authorities are investigating the incidents.  The Secretary-General reiterates his appeal for transparent, inclusive and credible elections, which are only possible in a secure and safe environment for campaigning.’ – News Desk


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