'Bangabahadur' is passing critical condition

‘Bangabahadur’ is passing critical condition


Bangabahadur is passing a critical condition and lying at Sarishabari,Jamalpur. He is not taking food normally after being tranquilized. Moreover, extreme level heat also weaken him. Veterinarians are taking care care of the elephant. Two elephants are on their way from Kaptai,Rangamati to Sarishabari,Jamalpur yesterday to escort the Banga Bahadur,the wild elephant that was swept away from an Assam, India forest separated from its herd by the flood waters of the Brahmaputra to Bangladesh on June 27.It was tranquilised and pulled out of the water last week but again waded into a swamp when it was trapped and put on fetters to prevent it from running away after it broke itself free getting out of its tranquilized state .
The escorts are being brought in from Kaptai forest as the elephants earlier chosen from the Gazipur Bangabandhu Safari Park were too small to entice Bangabahadur into a truck for transportation.
We are expecting the Kaptai elephants to arrive by Monday, Dr Tapan Kumar Dey, an wild life expert and former official of the wild life circle of the forest department supervising the operation to rescue Bangabahadur, which was named by local people of Sarishabari said yesterday.
Dr Dey said, the Bangabahadur was taken of its fetters and provided with saline and banana plants and sugar cane to help it regain its strength and come out of lingering effects of tranquilisation.
The elephants from Rangamati are traveling by truck, a mode of transport that would be used to to take all of them to the Bangabandhu Safari Park, it is learnt.


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