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Bangladesh Bank heist to have no impact on economy: PM


Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the hacking of money from Bangladesh central bank’s account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will have no impact on the country’s economy in the long run, unb news agency reported on Monday.
She also said there is no apprehension that this heist will hamper the monetary policy either.
The Prime Minister said this while responding to a question from Awami League MP KM Jahangir in Parliament during her question-answer session.Hasina said the heist caused a temporary loss to the country’s reserve. “Part of the stolen money has been returned already due to the government’s various steps and we hope the rest of the money will be brought back through legal process,” she told the House.
She mentioned it was possible to avert further bigger hacking due to quick and appropriate steps taken by the central bank after that incident. “Any other possible adverse situation could be averted due to the move to bring back the hacked money in cooperation with the government of the Philippines.”
Hasina also mentioned that the committee that was formed to investigate the matter submitted its interim report and steps are being taken according to the report.
Responding to a supplementary question from the same MP regarding money siphoning off through offshore banking, the Prime Minister said the Bangladesh government never gives permission for opening offshore bank although it has in many developed countries.
Many people do not bring money back to the country what they earn through their business in any foreign land, she said adding, “They save their money there, while many take away their money from the country…such information are coming to us slowly.”
Hasina mentioned that the incidents of siphoning off money from Bangladesh had taken place during the caretaker government when businessmen saw torture and repression.
She also said most those who were in power during 2001-2006 also siphoned off money. “We’ve been able to bring back some of then money taken away by a BNP leader.”
The Prime Minister said the government is taking appropriate measure to stop siphoning off money.


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