Bangladesh: Political and Literary Reflections on a Divided Country

Bangladesh: Political and literary reflections on a divided country


Q M Jalal Khan
Bangladesh is now divided as “our” country and “their” country. This division has been solely created by the exclusionary Awami regime—belligerent and BNPhobic. This book is a detailed account of the divided Bangladesh, where there has been a near-total suppression (since 2009) of the political opposition, BNP. It is a recount of the horror and terror resorted to by the regime addicted to governing the country through a process of complete politicization of all the branches of the state.Being a descriptive narrative of the regime’s abuses of state tools and agents, the volume launches a crusade against the nearly autocratic and despotic one-party government, boastfully bragging about its denial of moral, political, and economic corruption and its obstruction of the democratic rights of the opposition.
“Q M Jalal Khan made a serious intellectual effort to uncover the truth and justice behind Bangladesh being ruled by a brutal regime. Although politically sensitive (as it contests the current regime widely known for trampling democracy and for massive human rights abuse), Khan’s work is a phenomenal contribution and hence is likely to have a wide marketability.” —Md Saidul Islam, Professor of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
“The result of extreme hard work for a number of years, this volume basically refutes the one-sided rhetoric of the government machinery in Bangladesh. Well-written and well-argued, it exposes the despotic and fascist nature of the current regime with sufficient convincing details. The publication is a timely reflection of the current regime’s authoritarian rule in Bangladesh. I am sure it will find a good market worldwide.” —Abdullah al-Ahsan, Professor of History and Civilization, IIU Malaysia
“Highly recommended to readers, this book by Q M Jalal Khan makes a significant contribution to studies in Bangladesh politics. Using Western literary and historical references, Khan boldly exposes the cruel character of the ruling party that has ‘virtually killed the future of democracy by changing the electoral policies to secure its hold on political power forever.’
To the best of my knowledge, no other publication has thus far so eloquently addressed the systematic ‘campaign of … torture that the current ruling party, the Awami League, is inflicting upon the opposition political groups.’ The manuscript cogently tackles many related issues debated in the political circles of Bangladesh and will certainly appeal to readers not only within Bangladesh but also in South and Southeast Asia. It will also intrigue the global crowds concerned about democracy and human rights anywhere in the world. By publishing the book, the publisher has given a voice to an overwhelming majority of the people of Bangladesh whose political and civil rights have been rendered null and void by the ruling Awami party. Just on this count alone, I believe, Khan’s book merits a wide readership home and abroad.” —Mohammad A. Auwal, Professor of Communication Studies, California State University, Los Angeles
“A factual picture of Bangladesh bogged down in the swamp of distortions and deviations perpetrated by a … one-party rule and its police and judicial tyrannies.” — Syed Serajul Islam, Distinguished Professor and former Chair of Political Science, currently Director of Criminology Program, Lakehead University, Canada.
Q M Jalal Khan is a professor of English teaching in the Arabian Gulf. He has a (Fulbright) MA from American University in Washington, D.C., and a PhD from New York University. The author of numerous articles and books, Dr. Khan—ever mindful of whatever concerns Bangladesh—is settled in and maintains permanent ties to North America. Under preparation by Dr. Khan is a slim postscript volume further detailing the absence of social justice and the rule of law in the one-party police and prison state under the fascistic Awami League regime.


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