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BAU 7 regional conference on poverty eradication begins Sunday


A three-day-long international seminar of Regional Network on Poverty Eradication (RENPER) begins Sunday with a theme of “Advancement in technology for poverty reduction: opportunity and challenges’’ on Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU).
About 141 scientific papers will be presented in 6 seasons among them 88 oral presentation and 53 posters. About 200 scientists were presented in seminar in which 33 foreign researchers. A fair on agro-tech will also held in agriculture faculty corridor in which different 20 research organizations participated, in a press release organizing secretary Prof Dr Solaiman Ali Fakir said yesterday in Vice- Chancellor residence.Seminar chief patrons Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ali Akbar, joint-secretary Prof Dr Md Alamgir Hossain, Prof Dr Abul Hossain were also presented in press release.
RENPER is one of the initiatives for the internationalization participant of some Universities in South and South East Asia whose primary concern is to work with poor people to improve their livelihood by eradicating poverty. – BAU correspondent


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