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BAU female students agitation for water


BAU correspondent
Female students of Chashi Bhavan which extension of Fazilatunnesa Mujib residential Hall at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in Mymensingh on Saturday night spark protested for water.Sources said, on Saturday night at around 09.00 pm over 100 female students brought out a protest procession inside of Chashi Bhavan and agitation in front of the main gate in protesting for water.
On Friday night, the main water line of Chashi Bhavan was disconnected and water supply stopped. The female student informed the matter to the Provost and supervisor of the respective hall. But the authority did not solve the matter until on Saturday evening. Scarcity of water they did not do their daily work. As a result on Saturday night protest it and screaming “Give us water.”
Later, in protesting of them, hall provost went there at night and to solve the matter.
Some female student claimed that, by informing the about the matter, provost told us to go nearby male student’s hall to collect supply water by not solving the matter.
Denying about the students claimed which against the hall provost Prof Dr Mohiuddhin said, their allegation is not true. After knowing the information in the evening I solve the matter immediately.


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