BAU scientist invent Pangas fish pickles and powder

BAU scientist invents Pangas fish pickles and powder


Mymensingh, A Research teams led by Prof Dr A K M Nowsad Alam of Fisheries Technology Department of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) have succeeded to make dried crispy pickles and powder from Pangas fish after 2 years of research.
The Pangas pickles contain 37 percent protein, 28 percent fat, 16 percent mineral and 11 percent fiber and it can be preserved for a long time at average temperature.
About 350 gram pickles can be produced from 1 kg of Pangas fish- said Prof. Nowsad. On the other hand, dried Pangas powder can be used as a tastemaker for soup, khichuri, curry and bakery products.
Pangas is a very common cultivated fish in Bangladesh and it is called ‘poor people protein’. It covers much of the demand of animal protein but many people don’t like Pangas for its smell. As a result, people are deprive of valuable but chief protein and Pangas production is decreasing day by day.
So we want to value add the Pangas fish by making Powder and crispy Pickles. We separate the smell by processing and its nutritional quality has remained intact. We have examined at our laboratory- explained Dr. Nowsad.
These value added two fish products can contribute to meet the deficit of protein which will also be acceptable to all as a tasty food, hoped Prof Dr. Nowsad. – BAU Correspondent

Prof. dr. Nowshad Alam with pangas fish pickles and powder

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