BD Buddhists cancel Probarona Purnima for the Rohingya

BD Buddhists cancel Probarona Purnima for the Rohingya


The Buddhist community in Bangladesh has decided not to celebrate the upcoming ‘Probarona Purnima’ elaborately in a protest against the ongoing violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar.

“We have decided not to celebrate the upcoming ‘Probarona Purnima’ elaborately”, said Swapan Barua Chowdhury, General Secretary for the Dhaka Chapter of Bangladesh Bouddha Samity.

Celebration of Probarona Purnima, also known as Ashwini Purnima, marks conclusion of the three-month long seclusion of the monks inside their monasteries for self-edification and atonement of their defilement. The major attraction of the event is igniting and sending coloured balloons to the sky as a symbol of lighting up the sky.

“This festivity will not be held this year for saving money for supporting Rohingyas,” Swapan said adding that only the ritual part of the event would be observed.

This year the event will be observed in the first week of October.

The country’s Buddhist community meanwhile strongly condemned the military oppression and operations on Rohingyas terming it a crime against humanity.

“We expressed our deep censure and opposed the atrocities against Rohingyas, an ethnic community of Myanmar,” Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mohasobha Upa Sangharaj Sattyapriya Mohathero said.

He said Myanmar is a Buddhist country, but the relation between the two nations’ Buddhist communities is not so close.

“They are Buddhist, but there are many differences between us including language and culture,” the Ekushye Award recipient Buddhist monk added.

Dhaka International Bouddha Temple Principal Dharmma Mithra Mohathero called upon the Myanmar government and its people to deal with the ongoing crisis in a non-violent way.

Founder chairman of Pali Department of Chittagong University Professor Dr Dipankar Srijnan said the main principle of the Lord Buddha is non- violent.

“We want peace and harmony among all religions. The repression of Myanmar government on Rohingyas is just a crime against humanity,” he said.

“What they (the Myanmar government) are doing is completely opposite to Buddhism,” said Ashim Ranjan Barua, president of the Bangladesh Buddhist Federation.

Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prochar Sangha Senior Vice President PR Barua called upon the government of Myanmar to follow the non-violent teachings of the Buddha.

Bangladesh Buddhist Federation Secretary General Ashok Barua said the Rohingya are facing persecution in Myanmar.

“We strongly protest it and condemn it,” he said.

Different Buddhist organizations are also holding protest programmes including human chain, submitting memorandum to the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka and discussions for finding the way to end the ongoing atrocities against Rohingya Muslims and a peaceful solution to the crisis in Maynamr’s Rakhine State.


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