BD Buddhists want world's Buddhists' intervention in Rakhine

BD Buddhists want world’s Buddhists’ intervention in Rakhine


Dhaka, Sep 17 -The Buddhist community of Bangladesh protesting the persecution of Rohingyas in the Rthe Rakhine state of Myanmar have called for the interference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) to stop the persecution in this state.The WFB is an association of worldwide Buddhist community organizations headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.
Ashoke Barua, a coordinator of Bangladesh Shammilito Buddha Somaj (Federation of Bangladesh Buddhist Societies) said this to UNB on Sunday, in an interview at the International Buddhist Monastery in the capital’s Badda.
He said the Buddhist community denounced the atrocities and expressed grave concern over the persecution and military operation against Rohingyas.
“Humanitarian disasters have peaked in this state (Rakhine). We cannot accept such atrocities. We are the followers of Gautama Buddha. He said no creature has to right to take the life of any other creature. That is why we do not kill any creature, even a mosquito,” Barua added.
He said the Myanmar government has lost its religion through such persecution of the Rohingya.
Ashoke Barua further said it must be stopped immediately. The Burmese government should take back the homeless Rohingyas who entered Bangladesh to avoid the persecution and give them the rights of a citizen.
He also thanked the government of Bangladesh for the security measures taken to protect the over 3,000 Buddhist temples located all around the country, as a precaution against any backlash from the Muslim community aimed at the country’s estimated 2.4 million Buddhists.
The beefed up security is visible at the International Buddhist Monastery too, which acts as a headquarter of sorts for the community. Police barricades were seen on both sides of the entrance wall on Sunday afternoon, with an APC (armored personnel carrier) parked at one end.
Thankfully no such backlash has materialized, and Bangladesh for the moment has held on to its relatively proud record of communal harmony.
Ashoke Barua suggested forming a committee be formed consisting of members from all religious groups so that no one can spread propaganda and provocative statements to disturb the peace that exists between all the communities.
Earlier the Buddhist associations of Bangladesh already formed a human chain programme and arranged a press conference at Jatiya Press Club to protest the persecution.
They will be organizing a press conference Monday at the Sagar–Runi Hall of the Dhaka Reporters Unity. – UNB


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