B'deshi PhD student receives $98,950 in grant from American Heart Association

B’deshi PhD student receives $98,950 in grant from American Heart Association


A Bangladeshi postdoctoral associate in the Physiology Department in the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), has received a grant from the American Heart Association to complete researching how to control blood pressure.Dr. SM Raquibul Hasan and his research team will explore the molecular basis of TRPP1 ion channel trafficking and how it impacts the blood vessel diameter to regulate blood pressure.

The funds will be used to support his project titled, “Regulation of TRPP1 Channel Trafficking and Functional Significance in Arterial Smooth Muscle,” and will be distributed over two years.‘Understanding how TRPP1 ion channels regulate the diameter of skeletal muscle arteries to enable them to cope with the sudden change of metabolic needs of skeletal muscle will advance our knowledge of blood pressure regulation during rest and exercise,’ said Dr Hasan.Blood circulation through arteries provides for a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen to all organs, tissues and cells of our body. Circulating blood exerts a pressure on the arterial wall causing the arteries to constrict and set a resting diameter from which they can be dilated or restricted further – a phenomenon known as the myogenic response.While various ion channels have been implicated in this process, the mechanisms behind the response are not fully understood.


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