'Birangana' Ferdousi Priyabhashini not happy being left out

‘Birangana’ Ferdousi Priyabhashini not happy being left out


Sculptor Ferdousi Priyabhasini, who has always stood by women abused by Pakistani occupation forces and their collaborators, has vented her anger for being denied a place in the list of freedom fighters.The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs published a gazette notification on Monday, adding the names of 41 Biranganas (literally war heroines), who were victims of Pakistani atrocities, in the list of freedom fighters.When contacted on Tuesday, Priyabhasini said: “I am astonished. I am not sad, I am angry, very angry.”“I was in Khulna in 1971. Towards the end of October, I was taken to a concentration camp…was held there for 32 hours. They subjected me to all possible forms of torture. It is an unbearable memory,” she told us, recounting the terrible days of the war.“I have never sought anything from anyone except recognition. My name should have been included. I am not sad. I am not complaining…I am angry. I have suffered extreme mental agony,” she said.“The honourable prime minister has awarded me the Swadhinata Padak for my role during the war. I have given many interviews at home and abroad as a ‘Birangana’. I get invitations from the Prime Minister’s Office to attend programmes related to the Liberation War,” she said in justification of her claim. – New Desk


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