BNP accuses PM of snaching Judiciary's independence

BNP accuses PM of snaching Judiciary’s independence


Blaming Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for ‘snatching’ the independence of judiciary, BNP on Tuesday slammed her for ‘criticisng’ the Chief Justice for his remark that the country lacks the rule of law.

“She (PM) herself has obliterated the rule of law and snatched the independence of judiciary. The country’s people are neither in peace nor at ease now only because of it,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

He came up with the remarks while speaking at a discussion arranged by ‘Shaheed Pintu Parishad’ at the Jatiya Press Club, marking ex-BNP assistant organising secretary Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu’s 2nd death anniversary.

Earlier on Monday, Hasina in her valedictory speech in Parliament said, “I don’t understand how our chief justice could say there’s no rule of law and the judiciary isn’t independent.”

Hasina, Leader of the House, had also said a vested quarter was taking the advantage of the chief justice’s claim and was repeatedly saying there was no rule of law in the country.

Reacting to the PM’s remarks, Fakhrul said the country’s people have now no security also for the lack of independence of the judiciary. “What Awami League says is now the law and trial is held as per the ruling party’s directives.”

He also alleged that the entire nation has got frustrated due to the government’s ‘autocratic’ attitude and repressive acts.

The BNP leader called upon his party colleagues to get ready for putting up a strong resistance against the government’s misdeeds, injustice and plundering. “You also must make your organisations stronger to create a resistance together with people against the current evil regime to restore democracy and people’s rights.”

He alleged that Awami League having failed to face BNP politically is now trying to suppress its leaders and activists by filing ‘false’ cases against them. “This government has nothing to deliver for people. That’s why it is trying to establish a one-party rule depending on police and flexing muscle to perpetuate its power,” Fakhrul said.

He warned that the country’s people will foil the government’s all evil designs and oust it to install a pro-people and democratic government.


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