BNP complains of govt move to obstruct N'ganj rally

BNP complains of govt move to obstruct N’ganj rally


BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Friday alleged that the government has made ‘evil designs’ to obstruct their Saturday’s rally at Kanchpur in Narayanganj.
“The government has resorted to evil tactics to resist massive public gatherings at the 20-party’s rally at Kanchpur Balurmath to be held on Saturday. They’re creating obstacles towards holding the public meeting by arresting our leaders and activists and raiding their houses at Rupganj and other different parts of the district,” he said.The BNP leader came up with the allegation at a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office.
He also alleged that the government is trying to terrify people with its reprieve acts so that they do not join the rally.
Rizvi hoped that people will make the rally a success with their spontaneous participation braving all obstacles and repressive acts.
“We want to clearly state that there’ll be no use of making people panicked by attacking and arresting them. Huge people will participate in the rally foiling the government’s evil designs,” he said.
The Narayanganj unit of the 20-party is arranging the rally protesting the ‘growing’ incidents of killing, enforced disappearance, abduction and the government’s repressive acts.
The rally is also meant for drumming up public support in favour of the alliance’s demand for snap polls under a non-party administration.
He alleged that police arrested Rupganj BNP leader Delwar, Ibrahim, Tara Mia and Anwar on Thursday night and attacked their houses.
Rizvi claimed that a group of ruling party ‘cadres’ led by local Awami League leader Bazlu attacked the houses of Rupganj Mohila Dal president Hawa Begum and BNP leader Alamgir’s houses, leaving them injured. “We think the government is doing all these things to prevent people from attending the rally. We condemn such repressive acts.”
He also demanded the government immediately release those arrested ahead of the rally.
The BNP leader said the government has got desperate to hang onto power which they usurped through the January-5 lopsided polls.
He warned that the current illegal regime must pay a heavy price for their misrule and repression.
Rizvi said they together with people will put up a string resistance against the ‘repressive acts’ and force it to quit. – UNB


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