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Bnp condemns police attack on sexual harassment protesters


The BNP on Monday condemned Sunday’s police attack on Chhatra Union’s programme protesting the sexual harassment on women during the Bangla New Year celebration in Dhaka University premises.
Addressing a press conference at party headquarters in the evening, BNP spokesperson Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon termed the police attack on female students as “very shameful.”“It is regretful that the students, who protested the sexual harassment of women, have become the victim of police harassment. It is a very shameful police attack particularly on the female agitators,” he said.
The BNP leader said holding rallies are the constitutional rights of the people but the government “elected without votes “cannot tolerate anti-government opinion and any protest; rather they want to suppress them by resorting to repression.
He accused the government of providing “false information” regarding the country being self sufficient in food.
“The government is claiming that the country has become slef-reliant in food grains but it is importing food every year,” he said adding, “The government has imported 13.13 lakh metric tones of rice till May 6 this fiscal only.”
Ripon alleged that the government is importing the duty free rice for the sake of partisan businessmen damaging the interests of the farmers.
He demanded stoppage of the immoral benefit to the partisan businessmen and fix the fair price of rice.
Abdul; Latif Jony, Shamimur Rahman Shamim and Asadul Karim Shahin, among others, were present on the occasion. – Staff Reporter


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