BNP demands cancellation of ICT law

BNP demands cancellation of ICT law



BNP yesterday demanded the cancellation of all black laws including the ICT act what it said gages the freedom of media.

“The government is hatching conspiracy by introducing secret media policy. We want the government to cancel all black laws immediately,” said BNP spokesperson Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon.

Addressing a press conference at party headquarters at Naya Paltan, he alleged that conspiracy is on to muzzle those media which speaks about the people by withdrawing their advertisements.

“The ICT act is against the freedom of media. We want the government to cancel the act immediately,” he added.

The BNP leader also demanded formation of a judicial probe into Friday’s police firing on demonstrators at Kalihati in Tangail that left four people killed.

“We don’t want to see people are getting killed by police since the law enforcers were not appointed to kill people. We demand a judicial investigation into the incident,” he said.

He alleged that police did not fire on people at Kalihati in accordance with the rules and regulation of the force.

Ripon, who is also international affairs secretary, also demanded proper compensation for the victims of the incident.

He came down heavily on Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) SM Mahfuzul Haque Nuruzzaman for his directive to police to open fire to contain troublemakers and termed his remark as unlawful.

Mahfuzul Haque at an interaction in Faridpur on Sunday reportedly told policemen, “Open fire, if necessary. I’ll shoulder responsibility.”

Juba Dal president Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal, Mohila Dal president Noor-e-Ara Safa and Imran Saleh Prince, among others, were present at the press conference.


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