BNP demands cancellation of medical & dental admission tests results

BNP demands cancellation of medical & dental admission tests results


BNP on Sunday demanded cancellation of the published results of MBBS and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) admission tests as there are allegations of question-paper leak.

Speaking at a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, party spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon also demanded retake of the medical and dental admission tests.

“The question papers of the combined admission tests for the country’s medical and dental colleges got leaked. These were fake exams. The results announced today (Sunday) by the health department must be annulled. Our party demands fresh admission tests for the medical and dental colleges,” he said.

The BNP leader also urged the government to take strong measures to prevent question paper leakage.

Amid the allegation of question paper leak, the results of the admission tests of MBBS BDS were published on Sunday with a pass rate of 58.4 percent. A total of 48,484 students passed the exams held on September 18.

Ripon also extended his party’s moral support to the movement of the admission seekers demanding a retake of the medical and dental tests over the alleged leak of questions. “We think their movement is justified one. BNP has moral support to it.”

He criticised the government for not recognising the questions leak and questioned as to why law enforcers had arrested some people, including a UGC assistant director, over question paper leak, if the questions were not leaked.”

The BNP leader said the questions were surely leaked as many students alleged that the leaked questions went viral through Facebook at night before the exam and in the morning of the exam day.

He said the government instead of identifying those involved in the questions leak published the test results showing its obstinacy.

“We’ve seen earlier the results of the BCS exams were cancelled. So, it won’t be the government’s defeat if it calls off the medical tests results showing respect to the desire of thousands of medical admission seekers,” the BNP spokesman observed.

Ripon claimed that the leak of the questions has demonstrated the government’s utter failure in overseeing the education management and running the administration.


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