BNP has no hartal and blockade like programme : Dr. Asaduzzaman

BNP has no hartal and blockade like programme : Dr. Asaduzzaman


BNP yesterday made it clear that it has no programme like blockade are in force in the country now.
“It appears that it provided room for misunderstanding though BNP chairperson repeatedly mentioned that we have no more programme in force. I myself also reiterated that there is no programme of BNP,” said BNP spokesperson Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon at a press conference at party headquarters in the city.

“There is no hartal and blockade like programme. The BNP is now busy with carrying out reorganisational activities, he added.

His comments came after issuance a security alert by the UK government for their citizens to remain vigilant and take appropriate security precautions during travelling to Bangladesh.

In the security alert uploaded on October 9, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK stated that the opposition nationwide blockade programme was not formally lifted but politically motivated disruption and violence have reduced considerably since April 2015.

It however apprehended that protests and demonstrations can quickly turn violent and lead to clashes with law enforcement agencies.

“Violent attacks, incidents of arson, and vandalism can suddenly break out across the country, mainly in towns and cities,” it added.

The BNP leader termed the government move to hold local government elections on partisan basis as “motivated.”

He alleged that the government wants to bring amendment to the local government law to hold election on partisan basis in a bid to keep the opposition away from the election process and political fields.

Ripon called upon the government to repeal the decision taken by the cabinet in principle to hold local government with political nomination and symbol saying that it would create division among the state and the society.

“The cabinet proposal is not realistic at all rather it is contradictory and will destroy the social harmony of the Bangladeshi people,” he observed.

He claimed that the government has taken the move bypassing their demand to hold the local government polls locally instead of politically.

“We call the government to refrain from publishing gazette of the planned law,” he said.

The BNP leader argued that if the election is held on partisan basis, the elected representatives would behave politically and it would create difficulty for people to have certificates from them. Besides, opposition activists will not be able to carryout campaign, he said.

Juba Dal president Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal, Abdus Salam Azad and Habibur Rahman Habib, among others, were present on the occasion.


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