BNP slams govt for snatching democratic rights of meetings, rallies

BNP slams govt for snatching democratic rights of meetings, rallies


BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday

accused the government of snatching people’s democratic rights by
imposing a ban on holding rallies and meetings in the capital.
“Using the police, the government has imposed a ban on holding
political meetings and rallies so that the opposition can’t carry on
its movement in favour of the non-party caretaker government as it
emerged as a mass demand,” he said.
Fakhrul came up with the remarks at a discussion hours after the Dhaka
Metropolitan Police (DMP) imposed a ban on holding any kind of rally
and bringing out procession in the capital from 6 am on Sunday.
Desh Matrika Parishad organised the discussion at the Jatiya Press Club.
Terming the present situation suffocating one where no one can deliver
speech or take to the streets, Fakhrul said the government is
resorting to double standard.
“On one hand, the Prime Minister in her address to the nation has
urged for saving democracy and on the other they’re snatching people’s
democratic rights through imposing a ban on meetings and rallies,” the
BNP leader said.
He alleged that there is no sign in the country that democracy exists
here. “Had the Prime Minister been democratic, police wouldn’t have
imposed the ban,” said Fakhrul.
The ban was imposed only to suppress the ongoing movement of BNP, said
Fakhrul, adding that the government is unlikely to gain anything from
it. “Take lesson from the history. We’ll give a befitting reply to
restrictions through our movement,” he added. – UNB


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