BNP wants Khaleda's accounts reopened

BNP wants Khaleda’s accounts reopened


BNP has urged the government to allow Khaleda Zia to operate her bank accounts.
The BNP chief’s eight bank accounts were frozen by the National Board of Revenue (NBR) at the end of 2007, during the army-backed caretaker regime.
“Begum Khaleda Zia was arrested on false charges when the illegal government snatched power in 2007,” BNP Standing Committee member Nazrul Islam Khan said on Tuesday.“They froze all her accounts. This goes against the basic rights of a citizen.” Khan told a media briefing at the party’s Naya Paltan headquarters.
He said the same measures were taken against current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina but she is operating her bank accounts now.
Khan said the BNP chairperson is a victim of Bangladesh’s vengeful politics.
“She was evicted from her Cantonment home in 2010 where she lived for more than three decades. Now she is forced to live in a rented house, said Khan.
“She needs more money to pay her house rent but the NBR declined her request.”
When asked about how she manages her expenses with all her accounts frozen, Khan said it was ‘Khaleda’s private matter’.
“Her family and party are there to take care of her.”
“We are making this demand because she is facing problems. But we refuse to go public with details.”
Khan said six of the eight accounts have no funds and have been inactive for a long time.
“Only two are active. Money from various earnings like rent from her house is deposited there. All these transactions are transparent but Awami League leaders are making false allegations about them.”
The BNP leader said everyone starting from the prime minister made derogative comments which he believed was highly unfortunate. –


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