BNP wants Nat'l Com support for movement against Rampal

BNP wants Nat’l Com support for movement against Rampal


Dhaka-BNP on Wednesday said the National Committee for the Protection of Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources, Power and Ports should accept BNP’s support for gearing up its movement against Rampal power plant project.“Isolated efforts can yield nothing. We do support the movement launched by our respected Anu Muhammad Sir and others. We’ve already extended our support to it. They should accept our support and come forward to unite the entire nation on the issue,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
He came up with the call while speaking at a discussion on Rampal power plant at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity (DRU) arranged by Zia Cyber Force.
On August 25 last, BNP extended its support to the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports.
However, at a press conference on August 29, the leaders of the left-leaning platform made it clear that they would continue their protest against the Rampal project with general people, and there was no possibility of joining hands with BNP on the issue.
As part of uniting people against Rampal project, Fakhrul said there should be united efforts first to organise people of Khulna region. “If Khulna’s people join the movement, the people of other regions will get involved with it as well.”
He alleged that the government is adamant about setting up the power plant ignoring public opinion as it is committed to a country which helped it retain its power.
Mentioning that there was an initiative to set up such a power plant at four places in India, the BNP leader said the Indian government finally scrapped the project showing respect to public opinion as they are elected by people.
Fakhrul alleged that the current government in Bangladesh has been in office by usurping power through staging a drama in the name of election. “They’re least bothered about people’s any demand as they depend on state machinery to stay in office, not on people.”
He urged the government to rescind its ‘anti-people’ decision of setting up the power plant at Rampal to save the Sundarbans and the country and its ecology.
Fakhrul said the government is unwilling to resolve the country’s political crisis through talks as it knows it very well that it will face a debacle if a fair election is held in the country.


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